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Paintless dent removal
Paint Repair
Scratch and Chip Repair
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Paintless Dent Removal & Dent Repair is the art of removing small dings, large dents and creases without repainting. You keep your original paint. Great for selling your car or returning your vehicle on a lease.

If you have paint missing more then likely the panel needs to be painted not to worry I also do professional OEM Factory Renishing.Anybody can pick up a paint gun & spray paint but to Professionaly Renish your paint takes alot of hard work,patience ,proper chemicals and a Lot of Experience.I take alot of pride in my work do my best to make sure your paint has a factory perfect refinish

Small :$130
Medium :$200
Large :$275
X-large :$300
Small :$99
Medium :$120
Large :$130
X-large :$175

First Ding Coin Size $89 $10-$20 $30-$40-$50 after that

Golfball Sized, Baseball Sized, Basket ball Size, $150-$175-$225-$350

2 X Football

Depending on size & location. If you a coin sized dent on the body line price is $150.If you have a smashed or caved in panel the price is on the more side with around a 95% perfection rate may be a little more or a little less more exspensive cars have thicker panels metal doesnt strech has easy the panel comes back to its orginal postion less expensive cars have thinner panels the metal gets streched out electric cars are famous for this.

In any case call for a free estimate.